Revolutionary Learning

Aug 16, 2017

Student groups can bring their history lessons to life and take a journey through the remarkable story of America’s founding at the Museum of the American Revolution, Philadelphia’s newest attraction. Featuring priceless, historical artifacts showcased through innovative storytelling technologies and immersive exhibits, the Museum of the American Revolution allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the events, ideas and individuals that started the United States of America—and how each impacts the country they live in today.

Student groups can tour the museum alongside a trained museum educator, who will share stories of our nation’s founding from the stirrings of unrest in colonial Boston to the ratification of the Constitution here in Philadelphia.

Other highlights for students include:

  • Following the personal stories of Revolutionary War era soldiers, sailors, civilians, women, children, free and enslaved African Americans, Loyalists and Revolutionaries.
  • Exploring the Revolution through authentic objects and images, immersive environments, tableaus with life-sized figures, first- and third-person interpretation, and audiovisual technology.
  • Standing beneath a full-scale replica of Boston’s Liberty Tree while considering arguments for and against independence from England.
  • Climbing aboard a privateer ship and learning about how the war was fought, on both land and sea.

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Photo courtesy of Museum of the American Revolution