Distinctive Arts and Educational Experiences for Students

Sep 11, 2019

Since 1998, more than 640,000 people have participated in Broadway Classroom, an exceptional education program that combines a trip to Broadway with a unique interactive workshop. Broadway Classroom continues to be the industry leader in providing distinctive arts and educational experiences in the heart of New York City.

For a small taste of what Broadway Classroom has to offer, check out this trailer!

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Some of the most popular workshops include:

A favorite for class trips
This is the perfect introduction to Broadway! Explore Broadway’s historical significance as well as the training process of a Broadway actor. Your student group starts with physical and vocal warmups, followed by interactive focus and listening exercises and theater games.

Great for choirs
Participants learn techniques of vocal dynamics and acting through song while working with a musical director on an arrangement of Broadway music. Explore the art of marrying music and drama to effectively achieve a great emotional impact. Your group has the opportunity to perform the piece with a Broadway guest performer, followed by a Q&A session.

Broadway Classroom’s most popular workshop
This session is taught by Broadway performers. Sheet music will be provided to your group, who will then work with a cast member and a pianist. The workshop recreates a true Broadway rehearsal with the participants, who learn the choreography, staging and music from the Broadway production that they are seeing.

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Content and photo courtesy of Broadway Classroom/Broadway.com. Some restrictions may apply. Performers and workshop availability not guaranteed at all times.