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Make Sure Your Students See A Broadway Show This Season

Mar 12, 2024

Tap into a world of imagination, inspiration, and incredible memories – introduce your students to the wonder of Broadway! According to the Educational Theatre Association, 95% of high schools offered theatre-related extracurricular activities between 2011 and 2012. Students engaged in extracurricular theatre programs show growth in collaborative interaction, critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and empathetic behavior.

Such involvements pave the way for a richer academic experience and give young people an upper hand later in life. Just as well, witnessing the magic of theatre firsthand is an integral part of education that extends far beyond the regular classroom, and there’s no better stage than Broadway to expose young learners to this captivating art form.

Broadway, iconic for its top-notch displays of creativity and technique, provides a variety of shows that cater to every age group. From adrenaline-fueled adaptations to thought-provoking original narratives, there’s a show for every curious mind on Broadway. So sit back and let the curtains rise on a new world of learning – the Broadway way!

Picking the Right Show

Choosing the right show for your students can be an exciting journey, made easier thanks to Broadway Inbound’s extensive archive of Education Resources. They provide detailed study guides, created by the shows themselves, to help teachers align their school trip with curriculum requirements and educational standards, as well as helpful tips for planning and overviews of a whole experience available through Broadway Inbound so you are aware of every single opportunity there is for your class.

When choosing a show, always be mindful of the age suitability of different productions. Every show has a unique flavor and may explore themes requiring maturity and understanding. With Broadway Inbound’s educational resources, educators can conveniently navigate through this selection process.

Let’s explore a couple of new shows from the 2024 Broadway season that are great for students:

The Outsiders brings to life the gritty and compelling narrative of friendship amidst adversity. This production presents a deep exploration of the bonds of friendship, allowing students to appreciate the strength found in unity and camaraderie. This tale paints a vivid picture of how shared hardship can cultivate an unbreakable bond, providing a lesson in resilience. (The study guide is available here)

Equally enlightening, Suffs delves into the historical struggle for women’s right to vote. This transformative spectacle sheds light on the suffragist movement, portraying the ardor, determination, and triumph of the brave women who marched for modern women to vote. Your students will gain insight into an essential chapter of social progress, fostering a sense of appreciation for the liberties we benefit from today.

Our goal is not only to excite students with the awe-inspiring, dynamic world of Broadway but also to enrich their knowledge through theatre’s capacity to educate and strike interest in a variety of subjects. So choose wisely and let your class embark on a learning adventure down Broadway!

Keep it Educational (and fun!)

Beyond Broadway’s spectacle and splendor, there are innumerable opportunities to let young learners take away something useful and for a show to leave a long-lasting mark in their minds. The format of the theatre has the capacity to transcend mere entertainment, evolving into an educational tool.

Broadway Inbound delivers assistance in this regard, offering educators a plethora of educational resources. These comprehensive study guides, available for some of the most popular student-appropriate performances, can serve as a guiding light when it comes to preparing for an educational field trip for students. The study materials not only educate the students about the details of the show, including casting, direction, and storyline, but they also offer a deeper understanding by revealing the director’s and writer’s comments and providing historical context when relevant.

Take, for instance, the study guides available for popular musicals like SIXThe Lion King, and Aladdin. These guides offer a wealth of information designed to enrich students’ comprehension and enjoyment of these grand performances. The guides also present discussion points and essential questions, which can be a stimulating prompt for classroom conversations or even debate, providing the perfect segue to facilitate meaningful, curriculum-driven communication once the curtain falls and students return to their seats of learning.

Another effective way to integrate an educational aspect into your Broadway field trip is by encouraging students to step into the shoes of a seasoned theatre critic. Following the performance, invite them to articulate their thoughts and impressions in the form of detailed critiques or reviews. It’s an excellent exercise in developing analytical thinking, enhancing vocabulary, improving writing skills, and finding their voice in the process.

For a more creative approach, teachers can motivate students to express their reflections on specific themes and characters from the shows through art. This could involve creating presentations from the point of view of their favorite characters, reimagining the set designs, building costumes, or even composing a song inspired by the show. Such an approach allows students to understand and root themselves deeper in the themes of the performance while simultaneously encouraging their individual creativity.

Navigating Your Group Visit

Broadway Inbound makes planning a theatre trip as smooth and enjoyable as standing ovations at the end of an enthralling performance! Everything from booking tickets to guidance from the theatre to ensuring you’ve checked all the right boxes for your school trip is easy and hassle-free.

How to Plan Resources

Among Broadway Inbound’s many resources, there’s a How to Plan section, a comprehensive database that provides information on ticket booking, transportation, lodging resources, things to expect at the theatre, and so much more. Plus, even beyond the stage, Broadway Inbound has got you covered with tips on additional places to visit, dining options in the area, and the innovative GroupTools – a secure platform for organizing tickets and collecting payments with your group. This invaluable resource ensures that orchestrating your student’s Broadway journey is as seamless as possible.

But the Broadway experience extends beyond the walls of the theatre. New York City is dazzling with curious nooks and crannies that can turn an ordinary Broadway visit into a quest of exploration. Check out the nearby attractions before or after the show, walk in the neverending buzz of Times Square, or marvel at the grandeur of the Empire State Building.

From traditional NYC-style pizza joints to high-class celebrity chef restaurants, feeding the young enthusiasts will not be an issue. There’s a smorgasbord of dining options around theatres that cater to every gastronomic desire and budget.

Gamification Tip: to engage your students even more during a walk-around, you can organize a quest-like map game, similar to the popular geography online game Geoguessr. Create a list of places they have to find, think of some riddle-like descriptions about each one, and let your class figure the way out, or hunt for fun hidings. For a more difficult approach, you could use traditional paper maps – a great skill to practice!


There are educational workshops for different skill levels where students can interact with Broadway professionals, get a new accomplishment, or practice something they already know with masters in their field. Classes like A Broadway RehearsalEnter Acting, or Broadway Bound (and many more!) are a priceless opportunity to get a glimpse behind the curtains of the profession – a sure-fire way to spark their interest in the performing arts. You can also customize a class tailored to your group’s needs and desires. You tell us what you’d like to try, and we do the rest!

However, if you are short on time and can’t devote your schedule to a several-hour class, you could request an hour-long Meet The Artist Q&A session with the cast of the show you’ve just watched. This way, your class still gets a deeper experience of learning about the inside scoop of theatre without any extensive time commitments.

Final Thoughts

As research suggests — such as studies conducted by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Arts Education Partnership — engagement in theatre and performing arts improves academic achievements, enriches creative skills, and bolsters empathy, problem-solving, and teamwork, skills that are crucial for well-rounded development of any individual. Students with any extracurricular involvement at school, especially those interested in performing arts, are more likely to be additionally motivated for their obligatory studies and develop a stronger bond with some of the school staff, which further increases the likelihood of good educational outcomes.

As an educator or facilitator, a valuable opportunity stands before you: to light the path that leads your students into the enchanting world of Broadway, encouraging their growth as they discover diverse narratives, characters, and themes. At this stage, they can step out of their boundaries, explore a myriad of emotions and experiences, and gain a broader perspective on life — all under the transformative spell of performing arts. So, let your students bask in the glow of the Broadway lights and watch as they grow, learn, and shine.


Photo Courtesy of Broadway Inbound.