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SYTA member travel providers, tour operators, execute all types of travel experiences. Whatever type of travel you’d like to offer your students, SYTA tour operator members can help make your planning experience a breeze. Here are the various types of travel our tour operator members provide.


Performance tours are designed to take your show on the road. It allows your choir, marching band or dance troupe to perform in locations and for audiences they could only dream about.


From mission trips to environmental studies, service tours allow students to engage in meaningful volunteer work and connect with different cultures.


Journey to places your students have only read about or seen in pictures. International travel allows students to experience different cultures and speak the language they’re learning in school.


Explore a new destination or experience a camp in a far off location is what summer and camp travel is all about. Use the summer to continue learning into the next school year.


There is only so much you can learn inside the walls of a classroom. Taking education on the road is a great way for students to get hands-on experience what they’re learning—and makes a lasting impression.


Youth sports travel is increasingly popular and for good reason—it allows youth teams to play in big arenas, in front of bigger crowds and learn from the best coaches in the sport.


The world is a very big place. Cultural tours allow students to speak the language they study in school, connect with different cultures and learn about social issues effecting different cultures.


Gap travel, or gap year travel, is when students take a year (or really any length of time) off from school to travel. Gap travel programs often pair other interests, such as volunteering or environmental education, to ensure that the gap year is well spent gaining a deeper understanding of the places they visit.

Safe and Sound: Hotel Safety Considerations

While travel is all about having fun and making memories that last a lifetime, safety is always paramount on the road. When it comes to selecting suitable accommodations, there are a variety of different steps to take, tips to keep in mind and red flags to note. For...

Technology Tips for Travel

In today’s world, there’s no way to avoid technology, which means you’re better off embracing and managing it. As all parents and educators know, technology certainly has the potential to distract. Practically every single student has a smartphone at this point. What...

Huntsville’s Hands-On Experiences for Students

Huntsville is nationally known for the U.S. Space & Rocket Center (USSRC) and its programs like Space Camp®, Aviation Challenge, Space Camp Robotics, and the new Cyber Camp when it comes to educational experiences for students. Students curious about space...

How to Prepare the Perfect Chaperones

Chaperones are a crucial part of any school trip—one teacher simply can’t keep track of dozens of excited and energized students. That said, you don’t always get to pick who your chaperones are, unless you’re lucky enough to have a flood of volunteers. So before you...

See Where the Industrial Revolution Began in Lowell, Massachusetts

In Lowell, Massachusetts, you’ll find a national historical park dating back to 1835, filled with history, engineering and innovation. The Lowell National Historical Park commemorates a city that played a huge role in the Industrial Revolution. Lowell’s water-powered...

When the Wheels Come Off

Patrick Dailey’s first trip with his band at Arab High School in Alabama saw immediate roadblocks. Having traveled every two years with his former employ, Ardmore High School, band director Dailey is no stranger to student trips. Those trips were put on hold due to...

Students Speak: Learning Independence

When the Nazis stormed into Lithuania on June 22, 1941, the fate of Lithuanian Jewry seemed sealed. The Jews of Lithuania were immediately rounded up and forced into ghettos they were told would protect them from the war. The Nazi regime, with the help of Lithuanian...

Bus Etiquette: Safety, Respect, Collaboration

Several years ago, I authored an article about bus etiquette for students. My key point was that the location of your seat on the bus determined your behavior. The well-behaved students sat in the front of the bus, the quiet ones sat in the middle while the bad...

ABCs of the EBG

It's always good to know where to turn for help when in the beginning stages of planning your next student trip. SYTA's Educators' Buyers Guide is a resource full of student-and-youth-friendly travel options—including travel planners, tour operators, travel agents,...

John Reed: Launching Students Into Success

You don’t always have to work in the classroom to change students’ lives. In fact, John Reed of Georgia is leading youth to success entirely as a volunteer. As program director for the afterschool Arrow Youth Leadership Council, Reed has dedicated his life to...