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SYTA member travel providers, tour operators, execute all types of travel experiences. Whatever type of travel you’d like to offer your students, SYTA tour operator members can help make your planning experience a breeze. Here are the various types of travel our tour operator members provide.


Performance tours are designed to take your show on the road. It allows your choir, marching band or dance troupe to perform in locations and for audiences they could only dream about.


From mission trips to environmental studies, service tours allow students to engage in meaningful volunteer work and connect with different cultures.


Journey to places your students have only read about or seen in pictures. International travel allows students to experience different cultures and speak the language they’re learning in school.


Explore a new destination or experience a camp in a far off location is what summer and camp travel is all about. Use the summer to continue learning into the next school year.


There is only so much you can learn inside the walls of a classroom. Taking education on the road is a great way for students to get hands-on experience what they’re learning—and makes a lasting impression.


Youth sports travel is increasingly popular and for good reason—it allows youth teams to play in big arenas, in front of bigger crowds and learn from the best coaches in the sport.


The world is a very big place. Cultural tours allow students to speak the language they study in school, connect with different cultures and learn about social issues effecting different cultures.


Gap travel, or gap year travel, is when students take a year (or really any length of time) off from school to travel. Gap travel programs often pair other interests, such as volunteering or environmental education, to ensure that the gap year is well spent gaining a deeper understanding of the places they visit.

Denver and Houston Aquariums Offer Wildly Educating Meet-and-Greets

Aspen may be slow, but he’s far from lazy. Between long naps and leisure feedings, the 12-year-old Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth has a very important job: advocating for the protection of his species. He’s one of several “ambassador” animals at Downtown Aquarium...

Pigeon Forge Offers the Right Balance of Competition and Fun

It all starts with location. Pigeon Forge is tucked in at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. Beautiful scenery is the perfect backdrop for any event, and the Smokies provide amazing views for every season. After a day at your event, it’s great to relax and...

Safety in the City

Traveling to a big city is an exciting and unique opportunity, but of course, it comes with its own challenges. Issues like theft, health and keeping track of each other are made more difficult by large crowds and public transport, so it takes a bit of extra...

Lackawanna County Loves Our National Parks

In 2022, Destination Freedom: The Underground Railroad Walking Tour became part of the National Park Service's National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom; its mission is to honor, preserve and promote the history of resistance to enslavement through escape and...

Bring on the Fun in Frederick, Maryland

Get ready to pack in the fun! Located less than one hour from Washington, D.C., Baltimore and just 30 minutes from Gettysburg, PA, Frederick, Maryland is the perfect basecamp for a regional student tour. When you’re done touring museums and putting on spectacular...

The Endurance of Community: Canada’s Longest Standing Youth Band

The longest standing community youth band in Canada recently celebrated its 90th birthday. Founded in 1930, the West Vancouver Youth Band has a long and illustrious legacy, touring the world extensively, becoming the official band of West Vancouver in 1995, and...

The Leaf is Canada’s Newest World-Class Attraction

The Leaf in Winnipeg features two huge biomes, a butterfly garden and curriculum-based school programs for all ages. Considering it’s Canada’s newest world-class attraction, The Leaf is an easy sell. But until you actually experience it–breathe it in, feel the mist...

Celebrate Black History Every Day in Baltimore

Baltimore has a proud African American history woven into the city’s fabric. There are plenty of ways to celebrate this legacy, learn about the legends who once called Baltimore home, such as abolitionist Frederick Douglass, jazz phenom Billie Holiday and Supreme...

Our Minds Matter: Student-led Support

Mental health is a real issue for students around the world, but we may be able to turn things around. As educators know, when teens need help, they rarely ask for it. It can be a lonely time of life, when academic pressure is mounting, emotions are running high and...