Spirit Cruises: Give Them What the Classroom Can’t

Dec 13, 2017

Why do high school students choose group travel? Simply put, they want need to break out of the classroom.

High school students want to be inspired in ways classrooms can’t manage. They want to connect with each other on a level that their weekday routines don’t allow.

We remember this when we welcome a student group aboard Spirit Cruises. Across seven unique cities, our approach to creating unforgettable student events is the same, guided by our understanding of what high school students want and need from a travel experience.

Students still antsy from the bus ride or giddy with the prospect of record views on their Instagram stories may find safety the furthest notion from their minds—but we know it’s top of mind for teachers, chaperones and tour guides. That’s why our crews hold safety above anything else.

From boarding procedures to careful food prep and dietary accommodations, it’s important to us that we take some pressure off the planner, so you can focus on what really matters to your students.

Whether they want to unwind on the dance floor, challenge their classroom crush to a game of Jenga or snap skyline selfies to their heart’s content, a dinner cruise is the kind of escape students crave.

It’s an opportunity to be inspired, feel connected and experience the moment.

Now is the perfect time to think about your students’ travel—and a Spirit dinner cruise could be the highlight of their trip. Groups from across the country are already planning experiences aboard our ships, on some of the nation’s most iconic waterways, in 2018.

It’s not too late to plan yours.

Written by Liz Gilbert, Director of National Accounts & Travel Sales, Entertainment Cruises, Inc

Photo Courtesy of Spirit Cruises.