Top 10 United States Student Travel Destinations

With bustling metropolises, historical hubs and serene natural wonders, the United States is home to excellent student travel destinations. From the sunny and sight-filled West Coast, to the foundations of our nation on the East Coast, and everything in-between, here are the top 10 locations selected by SYTA member tour operators as the top United States travel destinations favored by students and teachers.

Top 10 North American Student Travel Destinations

When you want to go beyond the United States without traveling across the pond, consider these 10 locations, selected by SYTA member tour operators as the top North America travel destinations favored by students and teachers.

Top 10 International Student Travel Destinations

When you and your students are ready to see the world, consider these 10 countries, selected by SYTA member tour operators as the current top International travel destinations favored by students and teachers.

Top 5 Emerging Student Travel Destinations

For destinations that are on the rise, making names for themselves as top student travel havens, check out this list of emerging cities chosen by SYTA member tour operators.

Scholarship Opportunities

At Teach & Travel, we recognize that all students and youth may not have the means to travel.

Decision to Destination: The Student Travel Process

Planning a student group trip can be complex, which is why tour operators are your partners—streamlining the planning and contracting process, collaborating with teachers and administrators to achieve trip educational goals, and ultimately providing students with life-changing opportunities and experiences. Student tour operators work behind the scenes to ensure your trip is a success.

Student Travel Business Barometer

The 4th annual edition of the Student Travel Business Barometer, the only annual quantitative data resource of its kind for domestic and international student group travel includes trend data for previous years and provides forecast data on the coming year.  The Business Barometer also provides an analysis of trends and industry growth from 2019 through 2022.

Benefits of Student Travel

Travel is its own form of education, which makes it one of the most important experiences a student can have.

Whether flying across the ocean, driving across state lines or visiting a big city nearby, travel can open a whole new world for our students, especially when done through school with a great teacher and expert tour operator.

Performance Festivals & Venues

From choosing the right venue to asking the right questions and performing the perfect repertoire, industry professionals weigh in and provide their tips on finding the best opportunity to meet your student performers’ needs.

“Performance is the pinnacle of learning music—like a basketball team coming together after practicing for months to face a worthy opponent. Music brings all students together, working as one, to create a final product.” —Kirk Troen, Managing Director, Super Holiday Tours

DMOs + CVBs: Trip Planning Guide

Planning student travel—especially to a new destination—could be filled with difficult decisions. If you’re visiting a site that’s new to you, it’s always a good idea to call in the experts.

If a destination is new to you, call in the experts!

Educators’ Buyers’ Guide

As you initiate your next student travel experience, start here: The Educators’ Buyers’ Guide is a complete guide of SYTA-member destinations and tour operators. All whom are student and youth friendly!