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Adventure Awaits in Central Pennsylvania!

Feb 7, 2018

ADVENTURE! The word itself grabs your attention and gets the heart pumping. It’s exciting—it conjures up images of overcoming the unknown, pushing through fears, or facing danger and conquering it. It’s human nature to crave the feelings associated with adventure. Looking back over a lifetime, adventure is the stuff that memories are made of.

Our parents’ generation shares stories of their growing-up years that include tales of running the neighborhoods all summer long, not having to return home until dark. They rode bikes, on the roads, without helmets! Swam in creeks without adult supervision. Climbed trees to the uppermost branches without even thinking about it.

Adventure was part of everyday life. It was common practice to learn from experiences and—unfortunately—sometimes from mistakes.

Most of us would agree that these times are behind us. In some cases, for very good reasons. Over the years, we’ve had to increasingly limit these types of activities for our children in the name of safety. We know that to keep our kids out of harm’s way, we need to safeguard them more and more by not allowing such dangerous behaviors.

But does that mean the desire or even the need for adventure doesn’t exist anymore?

Of course not!

Although safety and protection are important to all of us, kids still need to learn and grow from experiences that get their adrenaline pumping! Our children’s generation needs adventure today more than ever.

That is why student travel exists!

At Roundtop Mountain Resort, we pair adventure and adrenaline with safety and learning. The adventure park encapsulates the best of what student travel offers. In the summer, our science curriculum focuses on inertia and projectile motion. During winter, our snow tubing science curriculum teaches about motion and energy.

Roundtop Mountain Resort has a host of activities where students can learn from experience.

Written by Wendy Frock. Learn more about Roundtop Mountain Resort at