Educational Exploration

Jul 10, 2018

When looking for activities-filled experiences that ensure youth groups are gaining educational value on their field trips, you may find fewer options available than you’d hoped.

Roundtop Mountain Resort is looking to change that.

In 2014, a local middle school science teacher contacted Roundtop Mountain and asked about creating science curriculum and experiments for snow tubing. The teacher, who also chaperones his school’s ski club trips to the venue, wrote up with a 10-page educational curriculum that’s now used when schools or groups want to incorporate a more educational aspect to their Roundtop field trips and visits. To date, about 10 different schools and groups take advantage of this programing every year.

At their adventure park in the summertime, Roundtop hosts various groups for special events; including Girl Scout troops on a special Girl Scout STEM Day where they earn a special STEM patch. Self-led experiments explore learning areas such as acceleration, velocity, force, energy, and the scientific method—while enjoying bumper boats, a large maze, ziplines and other activities.

With these successes so far, Roundtop Mountain wants to keep the momentum building. Educators interested in helping create even more curriculum for students and youth are encouraged to do so! Are you interested in contributing curriculum? Would you like your SYTA member tour operator to learn more about possibilities for your group? Go to to learn more.

Courtesy of Roundtop Mountain Resort.

Photo courtesy of Roundtop Mountain Resort.