America’s Classroom

Jul 31, 2018

Fort Ticonderoga in Upstate New York is not only “America’s Fort”—it’s also America’s classroom. Learn more about how your student group can explore this important historic location.

From school groups and scouting troops to families with kids, Fort Ticonderoga has an array of unique programming about life during the American Revolution that caters directly to students. At Fort Ticonderoga, students learn by doing—including living, training and even cooking and eating like they did early in the American Revolution!

In “To Act as One United Body,” a popular program that prepares the group for battle, platoons are formed that drill, march and train just as the Continental Army did. Teamwork and discipline are the key lessons in this recreation of a typical day in the life of a soldier.

For a full appreciation and understanding of Fort Ticonderoga’s important place in the nation’s history, students take to the scenic waters of Lake Champlain for a narrated boat tour aboard the Carillon. In addition to the natural beauty of the Adirondack and Green mountains, centuries of stirring maritime heritage are explored—and sonar is used to view the shipwrecks below.

For these unforgettable hands-on experiences and additional group booking information, including overnight packages, contact Ryann Wiktorko, Fort Ticonderoga Group Tour Coordinator, at 518.585.1023.

Courtesy of Fort Ticonderoga.

Photo courtesy of Fort Ticonderoga.