Experiential Learning Through Outdoor Adventure

Sep 19, 2018

The Deep Creek area in the mountains of Western Maryland is known as a vacation destination filled with fun activities and attractions. But did you know there are plenty of educational opportunities for student groups, as well?

Experiential learning through outdoor adventure ranks high on the list of must-do activities when bringing a student group to Garrett County.

A visit to one of Garrett County’s beautiful state parks will bring students back to nature while exploring Maryland’s highest freefalling waterfall, hiking trails and learning about virgin hemlocks, or getting a hands-on experience at the many exhibits in the Deep Creek Discovery Center.

Teachers have plenty of opportunities to enjoy resort style activities while adding an easy educational twist for students.

Mountain Coaster
Determine speed, velocity and acceleration as students (and teachers!) zip down the mountain on a gravitational hybrid of an alpine slide and a roller coasterthat you control! Riders can regulate their own speed with a set of handbrakes.

Geometry has never been more fun when you can incorporate calculating reflections and angles, but use these skills to hit a hole-in-one.

Ever wonder what a bowling alley looks like behind the pins? Students will enjoy a STEM lesson with a fun ending, including a pizza and bowling party with friends.

In addition to the activities above, teamwork and classmate bonding have never been more fun than on one of the local ropes challenge courses, canopy tours or whitewater rafting opportunities, such as the Adventure Sports Center International on a controlled recirculating whitewater rafting course.

To plan your next youth group visit, see Garrett County Chamber of Commerce.

Courtesy of Garrett County Chamber of Commerce.

Photo courtesy of Timothy Jacobsen provided by the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce.