Write In: Who Put the Writer in Typewriter?

Nov 7, 2018

Ms. Mitchell, a teacher at Carl Sandburg High School, visited the American Writers Museum (AWM) with her classes and participated in the “Write In” program for middle school and high school students. “Write In” combines the unique experience of a museum visit with specially designed curricula that aims to increase students’ knowledge about American writers, as well as boost their confidence as writers.

Ms. Mitchell was kind enough to share her thoughts on the AWM from a teacher’s perspective:

Myself and about 45 of my Advanced Placement and Composition students visited the AWM last month, and our largest tactile take-away for this generation of smartphone and laptop users was a love affair with the typewriter.

Besides providing this generation with a hands-on experience in the world of writing before the explosion in technology, the “Story of the Day” section of the museum sparked interest, curiosity and conversation that I’ve been hard-pressed to find in our classroom all year. The novelty of the typewriter was instrumental in engaging students in wanting to write by typing words that they then showed off to their peers—it was spectacular!

But honestly, so were the rest of the exhibits in the museum as well. “Hear the Rhythm” and “Take Action” as well as the table interactive devices, the word waterfall, and the ceiling covered in books all made for a complete package of inspiration and value for the written word and those who strive to bring that art to life.
—Ms. Mitchell

Since opening in May 2018, AWM has welcomed more than 2,700 students from throughout Chicagoland and beyond. If you are interested in bringing your class—or sharing this opportunity with a teacher—visit America Writers Museum.

Content and photo courtesy of American Writers Museum.