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10 Emotions Teachers Feel While Traveling with Students

Feb 27, 2019

Student travel can provide some of the most rewarding opportunities and memories—for students and teachers. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some stressful (and sometimes hilarious) moments along the way. Have you felt any of these emotions while traveling with students?

1. The feeling you get before embarking on your first student trip ever.

2. When you make it to the airport on time, but some students are acting up.

3. Then you finally arrive at your destination and are ready to kick things off.

4. How you feel when students use slang you don’t understand.

5. When you count how many students are in your group and realize you’re one short .

6. Then you count again and realize your math skills need some work.

7. When a student accidentally calls you “Mom” or “Dad.”

8. When you see students really enjoying an attraction on your itinerary.

9. And they tell you it’s the most fun they’ve ever had.

10. When you’re back in the classroom and you learn students retained all the information they were taught on the trip.

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Written by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for Teach & Travel.