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Dine and Dream

Jun 12, 2019

The minute students enter the Dine and Dream Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, they’re embarking on a truly unexpected journey. The experience Famous PEOPLE Players provide is more than simply a dinner and show: It’s a place “where special happens.” Learn why student groups from all over the world come to surround themselves with the magic of the human spirit.

Famous PEOPLE Players offers a unique educational experience, teaching students of all ages to push beyond any limitations they may think they have and to rise to their best selves. Students will experience a mesmerizing black-light stage show including delightful life-size characters and dazzling special effects. They’ll also have an opportunity to meet and interact with the cast and participate in an interactive black-light demonstration that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the show.

ACT 1 | The Culinary Arts Dream Program
The players are the “Magicteers” who create the beautiful meal and, yes, like an episode of Little House on the Prairie, students watch and enjoy how these special and endearing people overcome challenges to achieve great things. The players move gracefully with a smile on their face to greet students as they present them with their latest cuisine creation. Suddenly, one player grabs the microphone and thanks the audience members for giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents, as they direct you into the theatre.

ACT 2 | The Curtain Rises on a Dream
Everything glows in the dark and life-size props and characters start to fly across the stage and defy gravity, like they did on Broadway. The real magic is when the curtain call happens: The players remove their hoods and step into the spotlight to reveal their true selves.

ACT 3 | Dessert and Coffee with the Players
Post-show, students will get to converse with their peers as well as the players who just performed. If you listen closely, you’ll hear students sharing their excitement, players sharing more about their character, and more.

Students could also bring their own talents to Famous PEOPLE Players and perform for them, whether it’s through instrumental, vocal, or dance performance. From Broadway to the Great Wall of China and around the world, Famous PEOPLE Players have excited audiences to standing ovations. As students leave to get on their buses, they won’t be able to stop talking about the magic they just experienced.

Famous PEOPLE Players are a Canadian treasure unlike anything students have ever seen.

Learn more about how to magic comes alive at Famous PEOPLE Players.

Content and photo courtesy of Famous PEOPLE Players.