Pandemic Silver Linings

Aug 5, 2020

Without a doubt, the uncertainty faced by all worldwide in the midst of the pandemic is vast—especially with the back-to-school time approaching. And though it’s important to notice, absorb, feel and reflect on the not-so-great aspects of our current situation, it also doesn’t hurt to be reminded of the positives emerging.

Recently, Matthew Moheban, Co-founder, 220, shared the five unexpected silver linings he sees emerging from living through a pandemic:

Problem Solving
Students are learning to adapt, be flexible and think critically to navigate their new learning environments.

Global Awareness
We’re all gaining a new understanding of the interconnectedness of our global world. Educators are learning how to adapt their teaching style for different student needs, and students are quickly understanding that their skills will be needed to address the real-world issues awaiting them after they graduate.

Students realized almost immediately how critical this is to their success in school, which will translate directly into their work in the real world. Learning how to work, focus and prioritize when no one is “watching” are incredible gifts that will serve today’s students throughout their entire working life.

Agile New Employees
Employers will have a much better prepared pool of students entering the workforce than they’ve had in years. New employees who understand how to work remotely, manage their time and leverage technology will be assets to their teams almost immediately.

Evolution of Remote Work
Not every job requires someone to commute to an office, and not every meeting needs to be done in person. Employers and educators are building new processes, structures and systems to support people delivering their best work from wherever they are.

Courtesy of Teach & Travel.