ARTECHOUSE DC Offers Magical ‘Crystalline’ Escape

Jan 19, 2021

At the intersection of art and technology is ARTECHOUSE DC, an innovative venue in our nation’s capital.

The unique art center is known for immersive experiences that excite people who typically don’t consider themselves into “art.” If you want to show students how art spaces can be more than pictures in frames—as much as we love history—this is the place to do it.

The latest exhibition, Crystalline, has been so popular that the show was extended through the end of February, in order to allow as many people to see it as possible while avoiding large crowds.

Crystalline is inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020: Classic Blue. It’s a versatile color—inspiring, calming, familiar and somewhat futuristic at the same time. As ARTECHOUSE says: “Inspired by blue’s dependable qualities, Crystalline in D.C. explores the color’s connection with earth and crystals through a journey that is both an adventure and a contemplation—an exploration through an illusory, blue-hued castle.”

It’s a unique experience that you and your students will likely remember forever, an immersive escape from the turbulence of the outside world. Pair a modern art experience with your historical visits for a well-rounded, memorable D.C. experience.


Photo courtesy of ARTECHOUSE.