June Travel Guidelines Update

Jun 22, 2021

Thanks to vaccines, summer travel has returned for 2021. Student groups, families and travel enthusiasts are all hitting the road.

However, there are still restrictions and requirements to be aware of, especially if you’re planning on traveling in the near future. These rules have changed frequently, but we have the latest update on popular destinations around the U.S. and beyond.

U.S. Restrictions


A majority of states no longer require quarantines or testing, but as the only state in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is a bit more cautious.

Anyone entering Hawaii will need to do these three things: Complete a traveler health form; obtain a pre-travel test less than 72 hours before arrival; and undergo a temperature check upon arrival.

Fully vaccinated travelers must do this in order to waive the mandatory 10-day quarantine, and the state is working on a system to simply show proof of vaccination for entry.

Massachusetts, California, Oregon, Rhode Island

These states still recommend, but don’t require, unvaccinated travelers to quarantine for 10 days. However, a mere negative test less than 72 hours before visiting is enough to make you exempt from this quarantine recommendation.

Puerto Rico

Fully vaccinated travelers need to upload their cards to waive restrictions. Unvccinated travelers can visit, but need a negative test less than 72 hours before arriving, or take a test and receive a negative result upon arrival.

Mask Mandate

Travelers two years and older still need to wear a mask when riding any public transit within, to, or from the United States. That includes transit hubs like airports and train terminals. Check with your transportation service on their mask mandates as well.

International Travel

Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic

These destinations don’t require a pre-travel test, proof of vaccination or a quarantine.


Canada remains closed for non-essential travel.


Each country has its own regulations, but here are the ones you can fly to as long as you’re full vaccinated: France, Greece, Iceland, Italy and Spain. Many of these countries have had complicated restrictions such as Italy’s “COVID-tested flights,” but those restrictions are now gone for vaccinated Americans.


Each island has different regulations, but the majority require a pre-travel health form, proof of vaccination or a pre-travel test, and medical travel insurance. Check in with your destination for further details.

Latin America, Africa, Oceania and Asia

All of these vast regions are largely closed to non-essential travel. A few exceptions include Costa Rica, Belize, and the Maldives, which have slightly more lax rules.