Cedar Fair Offers Learning and Thrills In One Place

Aug 23, 2022

Everyone knows amusement parks are the best place for roller coasters, water slides and funnel cakes, but did you know they’re also the perfect place for show-stopping performances, hands-on learning, and the best field trip of the year?

Cedar Fair Youth Programs, at 13 amusement parks across the US and Canada, offer learning and performance opportunities that your group will remember forever.  With convenient, affordable options, and a seasoned team of sales professionals ready to do the work for you, it’s no wonder why Cedar Fair Youth Programs are in such high demand!

Educational opportunities bring the principals of science, technology and engineering to life in the world’s largest classroom.  Choral, marching bands, and orchestral groups will thrill to performing in Broadway style venues and along the parks’ bustling midways in front of thousands of park guests.  And groups of all sizes can enjoy a care-free day in the amusement park, or some fun in the sun at one of our world-class waterparks.

Education Days

If Sir Isaac Newton were alive today, we’re pretty sure he would sign off on a physics class field trip to a Cedar Fair park. As a renowned scientist credited with many physics principles we follow today, he would know that an innovative – and totally fun – way to demonstrate the science that deals with matter, energy, motion, and force is a modern-day roller coaster. We sure have plenty of those at Cedar Fair parks, so bring your students to participate in our specially designed physics, science, and math educational activities.

We’ve collaborated with leading teachers and consultants to develop activities and downloadable packets that can be used as a resource guide or modified to meet your current teaching requirements.

Experiencing the laws of physics firsthand while having a blast can certainly work up an appetite, so add a catered meal to your Education Day to make it complete.

Performance Opportunities

Reward the hard work of your marching band or performance group with a unique performance opportunity AND a day of rip-roaring FUN at a Cedar Fair park! Our Performance in the Park program is a superb chance for your students to share their talents in an exciting environment with thousands of spectators. Our guests love music in the park, so bring your students to be a part of the fun!

Select Performance in the Park events include performance competitions and adjudicated music festivals, so contact us to match your group’s specialty with the right opportunity.

While not performing, your students can cut loose and enjoy all the benefits of a fantastic day at a Cedar Fair park. Let them take in all the world-class rides, attractions, and live shows while making memories with friends that will last a lifetime. Add our all-inclusive catering to your package to make your day complete.

Field Trips

They are the three words your students have longed to hear: “CLASS FIELD TRIP!” All year you’ve worked on the fundamentals with your students and now it’s high time for FUN! For years, Cedar Fair parks have provided the perfect backdrop for out-of-classroom, fun school activities, and student field trips, and we’re ready to roll out the red carpet for your students, too.

Super-fun roller coasters? YES! Way-cool attractions, thrill rides, and games? Of course! Funnel cakes and other treats? You know it! Everything your students need for a fantastic school trip is here. Plus, add a catered picnic meal to make the day complete and worry-free for you.

Time and again, we hear that a field trip to a Cedar Fair park is among our guests’ favorite memories, so bring your class, summer camp program, or youth sports team, and let’s have a blast!

Information courtesy of Cedar Fair. Learn more and select the program that’s right for your group at cedarfairyouthprograms.com.