The Many Ways to Learn at Billy Graham Library

Sep 6, 2022

At the Billy Graham Library, students and visitors of all ages can relive the remarkable story of Billy Graham—a farm boy who became an ambassador of the Gospel as he proclaimed the message of Jesus Christ around the world.

Throughout his life, learning was a passion for Billy Graham. In fact, in his later years when asked if he had any regrets, Billy said, “I wish I had studied a great deal more.” 

Through the Billy Graham Library, kindergarten through 12th grade students can apply their own passion for learning through free downloadable lessons. Topics for study include Billy Graham’s work during the Cold War, the U.S. civil rights movement of the ’50s and ’60s, his role as pastor to many American presidents, and his pioneering use of technology.

Available resources include interactive elements and take-home pieces for student groups. Each standardized lesson plan meets both North Carolina and federal educational standards, and features suggested activities, discussion questions, and original source material for an amplified learning experience.

In addition to traditional lesson plans, the new Billy Graham Archive and Research Center—adjacent to the Billy Graham Library and scheduled to open this fall—will expand the resources available for those pursuing more in-depth research into Billy Graham’s life and ministry.

This new facility will also house all of Billy Graham’s memorabilia, papers and artifacts, as well as correspondence with U.S. Presidents, international heads of state, and other people of influence; numerous press and media records of Billy Graham’s evangelistic, civic and personal endeavors; and corporate Billy Graham Evangelistic Association historical documents. Appointments for research are required and will be offered on the Archive and Research Center’s website once the facility has opened.

To learn more about the Billy Graham Library Student Tours and Educational Resources, or to request your free materials, email [email protected] or visit