Disney Imagination Campus is Changing the Classroom Rules for Educators

Feb 28, 2023

Imagine careening down a thrilling theme park ride to discover how kinetic energy and gravity play a key role in the design and operation of a Disney attraction. Or stepping onto a theatrical stage to experience first-hand what it takes to become a world-class performer.

It’s all part of the imagination-powered learning at Disney Imagination Campus, where we can make a lasting impact on how students feel about learning, and about their potential to excel.

Enabling students to follow their curiosity is at the heart of the reimagined Disney Imagination Campus. We help students realize their potential through a variety of educational enrichment programs that develop real-world problem-solving capabilities.

Through our unique curriculum and learning environment, we strive to enrich every student’s educational experience through creative learning and scientific exploration. Our workshops encourage them to rely on their imagination and creativity while raising their confidence and invigorating their passion for learning.

Disney Imagination Campus expands on the premise that students need to experience more than what is being taught in traditional classroom settings. We help students go beyond the classroom to discover new paths and develop a more robust understanding of their potential in ways that only Disney can deliver in our living laboratories.

We offer a collection of workshops designed to help educators fuel their student’s imaginations and grow their skillsets in a wide range of performing arts and academic subjects that prepare students for the future.

Students learn through immersive and hands on educational experiences that have been created in collaboration with Walt Disney Imagineering. They will encounter real-world challenges while learning from real working Disney professionals.

Our four educational pillars include Performing Arts, Arts & Humanities, Science & Technology and Leadership & Innovation. Our workshops and experiences are tiered to different grade levels and tailored to the unique potential of every student.

These programs go beyond the classroom by offering hands-on learning experiences directly from experts in their profession while also treating students like working professionals. Students interact with Disney leaders, storytellers, designers, artists, and performers to learn real-world applications of Disney’s core principles.

Disney Imagination Campus empowers students to gain advanced knowledge within their selected program of study, which in turn raises their confidence. They get an inside look at Disney’s unique approach to design, technology, arts, and leadership.

For example, students can discover behind-the-scenes knowledge of how technology is used in several attractions at EPCOT. Or, they can engage in hands-on design experiences at Disney’s Hollywood Studios that are similar to what Disney Imagineers follow in their early design process. Your marching band or dance troupe could experience what it is like to be an honorary Disney Cast Member for the day as they march down Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom Park or perform onstage for Guests at Disney Springs.

Disney Imagination Campus even offers specially priced Student Group Tickets with complimentary self-guided online learning activities – bringing your class field trip, end of season celebration, youth group trip, or other student group travel to a whole new level!

Our curriculum is customized to encourage students to embrace the creative process and develop independent thinking. We empower students to be confident in their abilities by celebrating differences and encouraging originality.

Disney Imagination Campus aspires to be the leading student enrichment provider for educators who believe that imagination and creativity should be part of every student’s educational experience.

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