The History Behind Shear Madness

Apr 5, 2023

Written by  producers of Shear Madness: Marilyn Abrams and Bruce Jordan.

As the co creator and producer of Shear Madness, the interactive comedy whodunit, my partner Bruce Jordan and I have a lot to thank the student travel industry for and thought you might be interested in a little bit of our history.

Early on in Boston (40 years ago), we recognized that our play spanned ages 9 to 90. The audience involvement in solving the zany crime amidst much merriment was a true delight, and we were able to keep the dialogue up to the minute by changing the humor nightly to fit the day, time and place. The audience at Shear Madness never sees the same show twice. Our student groups kept growing by leaps and bounds as American history classes visited Boston regularly.

Fast forward to the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. where we have been playing in the Theater Lab for 35 years. Time flies when you’re having fun! Shear Madness has proven to be a true phenomenon in that city, where over 30,000 student groups from every state in the Union have seen the play. We can’t believe it ourselves. These groups repeat year after year, and the letters we receive from them telling us that Shear Madness was the highlight of their D.C. trip would fill a large tour bus.

We believe the Teach & Travel community has a lot to do with our success. For now, here a few quotes from your readers that you may enjoy. And again, our sincere appreciation!

Quotes from our customers:

Perrysburg Public School, OH: “The kids voted it #1. Count on us for next year!”

Westford Academy, MA: “Shear Madness has created many new lifetime theatregoers. Thanks for your help!”

Destinations Unlimited: “Shear Madness, an inclusion in our tour for over eight years, is always first rate!”

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