New Jersey: One Brilliant Wow After Another

Oct 24, 2023

Nestled between New York City and Philadelphia, New Jersey is sometimes overshadowed by its big city neighbors. Huge mistake! As home to Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Ivy League Princeton University, this little state delivers a lotta wow – one even more brilliant and exhilarating than the next.

1,034+ Attractions
Get your students excited about every discipline of science. At Adventure Aquarium, they can cross a rope bridge high above a shark tank and hand-feed cownose and southern stingrays. Apply the laws of physics to the seemingly gravity-defying thrill rides at Six Flags Great Adventure. Grow their STEM smarts at Liberty Science Center, where must-see exhibitions include the Infinity Climber, Microbes Rule!, Boom Time, Skyscraper! and many more. Or show them just how much geology rocks at The Sterling Hill Mining Museum with its eye-popping Rainbow Tunnel deep within the mine where calcite and willemite fluoresce in vivid reds and greens under ultraviolet light.

463+ Historical Landmarks
Strategic minds can marvel over an extensive collection of military relics at the Old Barracks Museum. Glimpse the Industrial Revolution at Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park. Dive into New Jersey’s storied maritime heritage at Tuckerton Seaport. And drag their attention away from their smartphones to explore the evolution of technology at the InfoAge Science and History Museum. Want to really knock one out of the park with your baseball-loving students? They can peruse exhibitions that slide into history, culture, science and society within the clever context of sports at the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center.

418+ Cultural Experiences
Masterworks loom large under wide-open skies at the outdoor art park Grounds for Sculpture, while students can gain perfect clarity on the intricate glassmaking process at The Museum of American Glass. Ready to raise the curtain on a professional production? World-class performances are continually staged at NJPAC, State Theatre, Mayo Performing Arts Center, McCarter Theatre Center for the Performing Arts and countless other independent theaters and event venues dotted up and down the state.

Plan Their Wow…Right Now
Whether you want to inspire future scientists, make history come vibrantly to life or encourage budding artists to tap into their own well of talents, this is the time to arrange your student tour. For overnight visits, New Jersey offers a wide range of accommodations with competitive rates that beat its big-city neighbors by miles. For expert assistance in planning a wow-worthy trip your students will remember long past their school careers, head to

Photo Courtesy of Adventure Aquarium.