Students Explore At Rainforest Cafe

Jun 25, 2024

Take your students on a wild tour of the rainforest for their next outing. Dining at Rainforest Cafe is an immersive experience full of interactive moments.

The magical journey begins as soon as you step through our doors. Become surrounded by the tropical flora and fauna of exotic plants while colorful macaws soar overhead, and animatronic monkeys swing from vines. Hear the gentle trickle of light rain suddenly turning into a thunderstorm causing the elephants to begin trumpeting and flapping their ears. Watch your students become entranced by the wild beauty of the rainforest.

This educational and tasty trip brings learning to life for students of all ages. A select number of stores offer special educational safaris for classes of all age groups. These wild journeys are conducted early in the morning before the restaurant opens for a private jungle exploration. Tours are offered every day of the week before operating hours. Your students will be paired with their very own expert Safari Guide to lead them through the lively rainforest. Guides share interesting and entertaining facts about all the realistic animals that call the forest home throughout the tour. Tracy the Tree also teaches children the importance of preserving the rainforests and protecting local wildlife from deforestation.

Educational group tours have the option of adding a meal plan to their premium exploration experience. The menu of Rainforest Cafe draws inspiration from many far-flung corners of the globe resulting in an eclectic dining experience. Treat your students to tasty meals and interactive dishes such as the mesmerizing Sparkling Volcano or the fun Jurassic Chicken Tidbits. Eat together as a class under the starry night sky and soak in the ambiance of the forest.

Take the first step in teaching the younger generations about the importance of responsible rainforest stewardship across the globe. Give your students a lasting lesson about conservation while also having a blast with this special experience at Rainforest Cafe.

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Photo Courtesy of Landry’s Inc.