The Student Travel App Hit List

Aug 15, 2017

For many students, cellphones are basically an appendage. They download an abundance of apps: Some make their lives easier, some are for play, some simply take up space. While the younger generation can undoubtedly tell us about the best gaming app, chances are they may also be aware of time-saving travel apps.

We thought we’d channel our inner 15-year-old and present some helpful travel apps. That said, no app could replace the working relationship between you and your SYTA Member tour operator!

Air Travel Information
Traveling to and connecting through unfamiliar airports creates frustration. GateGuru acquaints you with the layout of more than 115 airports and provides the locations of the restaurants, shops and services at each. Similarly, SeatGuruspecifies each aircraft’s configuration, allowing for maximum in-flight seating comfort and convenience.

Where to Eat? What to Do?
Restaurants and activity review apps help when planning student travel—and once you and your group have arrived at your destination. If your students want to know what the locals are up to, Localeur will show them just that. Written food reviews are valuable, but a picture is worth a thousand words: Foodspotting serves as an enticing visual food guide.

Staying Connected with Friends and Family

Skype allows students to stay connected to home through video and voice calls. For students more accustomed to text messaging, WhatsApp offers a free platform for international texting. Users must only pay for data usage. The application also contains group chat features, letting entire families stay in touch while their loved one is out seeing—or singing to—the world.

Wireless Connectivity
We know many students—and many adults—cannot go an hour, let alone a day, without checking their phones. Locating free and paid Internet hotspots is simple via WiFi Finder. And you need not be online to review the hotspot list.

We hope these travel apps help simplify your student travel experiences!

Written by Lisa Stickler, Teach & Travel magazine staff writer.