The Legacy Grows

Aug 16, 2017

The Ontario Science Centre opened in 1969 as part of a project celebrating Canada’s Centennial, and has offered lifelong learning through hands-on engaging experiences for more than 51 million visitors. As a public center for innovative thinking in science and technology, the Ontario Science Centre offers interactive exhibits featuring geology, nature, astronomy and music … to name a few.

Visitors hardly need another reason to spend a few hours (or days) at the Ontario Science Centre.

And yet, the legacy grows.

In celebration of Canada 150, the Ontario Science Centre recently unveiled Inventorium—a new curiosity-driven space that encourages play, creation and collaboration.

“There are few things more powerful than creating something yourself—especially when it’s a product of your own imagination,” said CEO Maurice Bitran, Ph.D.

Inventorium is a dynamic and fun free-choice learning space, where students could roll up their sleeves and put their creativity to the test through interactive experiences that continually change and evolve.

Make a simple circuit. Design an insect and outfit it with a motor for pollination. Spin a giant web. Take up woodcarving. Learn local history by way of tree …

With the opening of Inventorium, the Ontario Science Centre also unveiled The Maple Leaf Forever Tree, an eight-foot, hand-carved wood sculpture paying tribute to Toronto’s vibrant history.

Four years ago, severe weather downed the silver maple said to have inspired Alexander Muir to write the song “The Maple Leaf Forever” in 1867. The wood was divided among heritage groups across Canada to create commemorative objects and artworks. Over a three-year period, Ontario Wood Carvers Association dedicated more than 6,000 volunteer hours and shaped 35 maple leaf-framed vignettes of the city’s history—from pre-confederation to modern day.

The Maple Leaf Forever Tree will remain on permanent display at the Ontario Science Centre, as a reminder of the country’s past creativity and innovation—and the Inventorium will inspire invention for the ages to come.

Written by Cassie Westrate, staff writer for
 Teach & Travel.