A Facelift at 18?

Jun 19, 2018

Being of age is a big change that can sometimes cause anxiety: Fun is over. Being responsible is on the agenda. You grow up.

I always thought the only good thing about getting older would be that pimples do not grow anymore. However, that is not true. I am 30. And I have both wrinkles and pimples!

A budget hostel chain growing up and coming of age is similarly problematic: Guests have expectations; social, economic and environmental responsibility rise; cosmetic repairs are pending. Wear and defects compound the requirement to maintain quality standards.

To top it all off? The beauty ideal of the ’90s has changed—and a redesign has to come!

In March 2018, a&o Hotels and Hostels—now Europe’s largest hostel chain, with 35 properties in 22 cities—has undergone a facelift, brave, yet successful. The result can be seen in the a&o Prague Rhea. Out-of-fashion “Soviet aesthetics” give way to generous cuts, muted tones with colorful accents and functionality. These changes are also seen in Bremen and Berlin. By 2020, all houses should have been made pretty.

Another challenge: Anyone who makes facial corrections must be careful to remain recognizable. Along with the look of the houses, the logo has changed, with the striking orange and blue becoming dark blue.

Not changed, however, is the goal.

For 18 years, a&o has focused on making inexpensive travel to European cities possible for everyone, with backpackers, couples, families and business travelers among its guests. Above all, the budget chain specializes in school trips and other group travel. A bed is available for less than 10 euros per night and every room has its own bathroom. For the first time, a&o hostels offer a low-priced alternative to youth hostels, centrally located.

Now, I am not going on school trips anymore. Nevertheless, I treat myself to the new design atmosphere and hope you and your students will enjoy it as well.

Written by Ana Vujisić | Content Manager | a&o Hotels and Hostels Holding GmbH

Photo credit: https://www.aohostels.com/de/infos/bildergalerie/