Get Your Thrills This Summer at Six Flags America

Aug 15, 2018

Waterparks and theme parks offer thrills you never outgrow. Six Flags America has many one-of-a-kind experiences groups won’t find anywhere else. Learn more about why a visit should be on your radar for the ultimate summer adventure.

The summertime is a perfect opportunity for groups to enjoy two parks—a dry park and a waterpark—for the price of one.

With no shortage of ways to cool down, Six Flags America offers groups several ways to experience a fun-filled day and get their thrills on more than 30 slides and attractions in the waterpark. Also a plus? Groups can take a dip in one of the largest wave pools in the country, holding nearly 1 million gallons of water: Hurricane Bay.

For groups in the mood to hang out on dry land, there are 10 scream-inducing roller coasters along with hundreds of other thrill and casual rides in the dry park—including Wild One, the only roller coaster in the Six Flags family with a 100-year history. On a clear day, groups can even take in the sights of the Washington Monument as they rise up 200 feet on SUPERMAN: Ride of Steel.

Hungry? No problem! Six Flags has air-conditioned dining options and show venues to help groups beat the summer heat; you could snack on a funnel cake (or two) before hitting up the next ride. Did you know you can also get a workout in, without even realizing it? On average, visitors can walk anywhere from five to 10 miles in a single day.

New adventures await you at Six Flags America. Book your group’s visit at Six Flags.

Content and photo courtesy of Six Flags America.