Step Inside America’s Classroom

Jun 12, 2019

From the heights of Mount Defiance to the shores of Lake Champlain, Fort Ticonderoga offers an array of unique programming for students of all ages! Participate in historic trades programs, take a hike on the Carillon Battlefield trail, get a thrill watching weapon demonstrations, join a guided tour, explore the King’s Garden, and so much more!

“To Act as One United Body” is a popular program that prepares the group for battle. Platoons are formed that drill, march and train—just as the Continental Army did. Teamwork and discipline are the key lessons in this recreation of a typical day in the life of a soldier.

For a full appreciation and understanding of Fort Ticonderoga’s important place in the nation’s history, students take to the scenic waters of Lake Champlain for a narrated boat tour aboard the Carillon. In addition to the natural beauty of the Adirondack and Green mountains, centuries of stirring maritime heritage are explored—and sonar is used to view the shipwrecks and hidden secrets below!

The Maritime Artificer’s Apprentice is a new hands-on program that explores the maritime trades of carpentry, sail-making and rigging. Rotating through three stations, students learn how these trades built the boats that drove local and global economies.

An overnight stay makes for a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Students can become immersed in the life of the soldiers at Fort Ticonderoga and experience the training and teamwork needed to serve in the Continental Army. Cook and eat the victuals similar to those consumed by soldiers, participate in active programming, and sleep in the barracks located within the majestic fort walls.

Choose from an assortment of pre-packaged souvenir bags for students to remember their fun and educational experience at Fort Ticonderoga!

For these unforgettable hands-on experiences and additional group booking information—including overnight packages—contact Ryann Wiktorko, Fort Ticonderoga Group Tour Coordinator at 518.585.1023 or [email protected].

Your adventure awaits!

Content and photo courtesy of Fort Ticonderoga.