Learning Virtually with Saint Louis Science Center

Jan 26, 2021

If you’re looking for a fun and educational boost to your curriculum, the Saint Louis Science Center has gone digital, making all its education programs virtual for now.

This is one of the top five science centers in the U.S., and they are open in-person, but if you can’t make the trip, they’ll bring the learning to you!

The center offers over a dozen virtual programs, ranging from astronomy to physical science, the environment, ecology, technology and early education. Fossils, planets, muscles, game design — they have it all. Each lesson is delivered live and is designed to assist with curriculum requirements. The lessons also include a participant guide, with information about materials needed and extension activities.

Here’s the program overview:


Red Rover, Mars Rover
It’s hard to walk on Mars, so it’s better to drive. Help astronauts make it across the surface of Mars by using the Engineering Design Process to bring the best Mars rover on over! Create a moving land rover that has all the features astronauts need for their journey.

Sky Stories
Humans love to tell tales, but before books and movies, stories were in the stars. Discover how the night sky has been used to inspire human endeavors and to pass down stories through generations. Put yourself in the sky by creating your own constellation. What story do YOU want to tell?

Creating the Moon
What makes our moon special? Re-create the moon’s surface and its craters as you discover where the moon came from and how it was shaped into what we see today. Imagine your own moon and how it could be different from the one that orbits Earth!

Early Ed

Building Bridges
Bridges come in all shapes and sizes, but all have one purpose: to safely continue a path. Become a civil engineer as you observe the different materials, designs, shapes and purposes used in building. Use this information to bridge the gap between knowledge and creativity to construct your own bridge!

Constellation Imagination
When it comes to imagination, the sky is the limit (literally). Humans have used their imagination to tell stories in the stars for thousands of years. Fly off to different constellations in the night sky and hear the stories of their origin. Create your own constellation and tell your own fantastic stories!

Nature’s Design
Patterns are everywhere in our world, and many of them were not designed by humans. Explore the importance of patterns in nature as you use your environment to create a new design of natural materials. Craft your own beautiful pattern, replicating techniques of geometric balance and symmetry found in nature.

Environment & Ecology

Fossil Frenzy!
Discover how fossils are formed and how they allow us to see into the past to study what life on Earth was like ages ago. Create a fossil of your own to preserve a moment in time and give future archaeologist a glimpse into your world.

Pollination Creation
When you stop to smell flowers, BEE aware that pollinators make it possible! Design a pollination system to observe how insects attract pollen. They might seem flighty, but humans rely on these little critters every day!

Physical Science

Minds and Muscles
Your use your body in every aspect of your life, but make no mistake: it’s your brain that’s in control. Explore the way your body moves while learning how your brain affects which hand you throw with, which eye you wink with, and how fast you can react to moving objects. How coordinated is YOUR brain to body connection?

Shapes and Structures
How do buildings reach high into the sky? How does a bridge support a truck without collapsing? The answer is simple; by using different shapes!

Kitchen Chemistry
Got a kitchen? You’ve got a chemistry lab! Experience important physical and chemical changes in nonNewtonian fluids and rapid decomposition. Become a scientist by creating chemical reactions in your own home!


Game On: Early Access
Create a world all your own! Explore the basics of game design with our experienced instructors. Perfect for beginners to connect their imaginations with the languages of game design and development.

Game On: Full Release
Level up to the next dimension of game development. Armed with the knowledge from Game On: Early Access, enhance your digital world with new characters, sprites and other exciting features.

3D Designer
Develop the expertise to transform digital designs into tangible products. Most revolutionary products have to start with a plan, and what better way to design small or large scale projects then by employing 3D computer aided drafting, or CAD software.

For further details and to sign up for a course, visit slsc.org.

Photo courtesy of Saint Louis Science Center.