Make Travel Easy with Instrument Rentals

Jul 28, 2021

The hardest part of traveling with a band group is transporting dozens of expensive, heavy instruments across the world.

Luckily, there’s a solution: Rent!

Certain band shops around the country offer the ability to rent band and orchestra instruments on arrival at your destination. Band Room Orlando is one example, perfect for groups traveling to Disney World, Universal, or anywhere else in the Orlando area.

While some students might feel particularly attached to their own instruments, they’ll likely appreciate being able to hop on a plane or motorcoach and journey far away without fear of losing anything. Checking instruments as luggage is a hassle, but there’s no way you’re fitting it all in overhead bins.

In the case of Band Room Orlando, they offer 1-3 day short-term rentals, while many rental shops only have monthly agreements. No matter where you’re coming from, they can provide the band and/or orchestra instruments needed. Plus, they’re repaired in-house right before being passed on to you.

For even less hassle, you can pay an additional charge to have the instruments delivered to and picked up from the hotel!

As you plan your upcoming performance trips and navigate the guidelines and restrictions of Covid, consider making travel a lot easier by leaving your precious instrument at home and renting on arrival.

Written by Josh Veal, staff writer for Teach & Travel.