Refreshing Educational Group Offerings at World of Coca-Cola 

Aug 23, 2022

A trip to Atlanta just wouldn’t be complete without visiting World of Coca-Cola. Where else can you stroll through over 135 years of history, get closer than ever before to the secret formula for Coca-Cola, discover the connection between your sense of smell and your sense of taste, take a photo with the 7-foot-tall Coca-Cola Polar Bear and close out your visit with some tasty beverages from around the world?

As one of downtown Atlanta’s anchor attractions, World of Coca-Cola welcomes over one million guests each year. Included in that number are countless students whose teachers have utilized World of Coca-Cola’s Teacher Toolkit to enhance the educational value of their visit. Exciting new additions to the experience offer educators even more opportunities to link their class visit to curriculum standards, whether they are visiting in-person or doing so virtually.

Teacher Toolkit

With over 1,200 pieces of memorabilia and artifacts chronicling the history of The Coca-Cola Company and the evolution of its marketing across nine exhibit areas, a class trip to World of Coca-Cola might seem a bit overwhelming for an educator needing to ensure their students receive a bit of education along with their entertainment. That’s why the Teacher Toolkit is so valuable!

Created in partnership with educational writers, World of Coca-Cola’s Teacher Toolkit provides educators with lesson plans as well as pre and post-visit activities for grades 8 through 12, linking their class trip to educational standards in Social Studies and English/Language Arts. The toolkit also includes a Green Guide highlighting many aspects of World of Coca-Cola’s design, construction and operation that allowed the attraction to achieve Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification. A module for African American History Month spotlights many pieces of memorabilia and artifacts showcased in the attraction and may be used throughout the year.

Scent Discovery

Scent Discovery, the attraction’s newest exhibit, allows students and other guests to play the dual roles of scientist and detective to explore the mystery of why they prefer the beverages they do. Inside the exhibit, guests learn about the science behind humans’ sense of smell and how it works with the brain to identify foods and recall memories.

World of Coca-Cola Ambassadors lead small groups of guests through a tour of aromas — from sweet to fruity to spicy – inside this latest addition to the attraction. Guests individually smell the scents one by one, share what each reminds them of and attempt to identify the fragrances.

Guests are then invited to explore other mystery scents, grouped by flavor profile. As they learn each aroma’s origin, they will also uncover related beverage recommendations. Guests leave Scent Discovery knowing more about why they choose the beverages they prefer and which Coca-Cola drinks to try next in the Taste It! sampling area. Don’t miss this new experience!

World of Coca-Cola has so many things to offer educational groups.

Visit World of Coca-Cola School Field Trips for full details on these and other elements of the attraction and determine which option is best for your class. Minimum guest counts required for group pricing. Call Group Sales at 404-676-6074 or email [email protected] to schedule your in-person or virtual visit today.

Photo Courtesy of World of Coca-Cola.