Why Use a Tour Operator

Sep 19, 2022

Using a tour operator for your trip is the key to travel success, especially when students are involved.

If you’re a teacher taking your class, band or choir on a school trip, you definitely don’t have time to plan the whole trip on your own. Flights, motorcoaches, laws and regulations, safety, pricing, attractions, local vendors—an incredible amount of work goes into planning student travel.

As an educator, you’re already going to have to deal with getting students to sign up, fundraising, finding chaperones, managing parents, and tying the trip back to the classroom. That means you need an expert tour operator with student travel experience who can reliably take care of everything else ahead of time, while also dealing with any situations that arise on the trip itself.

So here are a few reasons why to use a operator for your next for student travel experience, as most operators offer the following:

  • Tour operators focus on logistics and partner with educators to enhance educational outcomes.
  • Tour operators are trained in health and safety operation protocols and procedures.
  • Tour operators save educators/travel planners time and money.
  • Tour operators understand the liability issues associated with student travel

As an educator, there are many operators who are members of the Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA). As a result, these operators offer what is listed above, along with the following:

  • SYTA Members are stewards of your travel funds
  • SYTA Members are educated on issues, trends and conditions specific to student travel.
  • SYTA Operators can access special rates and has access to travel products through long-term relationships and bulk purchasing contracts.
  • SYTA is an international association committed to the advancement of the industry professional and personal development.
  • SYTA members are educated and committed to DEI in their own businesses and in the student travel industry.
  • SYTA Members are promoting increased sustainability in their own operations and in the destinations they visit and with the suppliers they use.

There’s a lot to think about here, so we’ll help you out: Tour operators that are part of the Student Youth and Travel Association (SYTA) are certified experts that embody all of these qualities. Check out SYTA’s Educator’s Buyers Guide for a full list of student travel tour operators and where they’re located.