Group Travel Videos: Your One-Stop Travel App

Sep 27, 2022

It was the afternoon after the Rose Bowl parade, and Mike Grueninger of Grueninger Music Tours was with a group of band directors who had performed that morning. They were trying to find two of their colleagues who had been injured.

Mike called Dave Martinson with Group Travel Videos for advice to see if their app, which the group was using, could help locate the person. “Sure!”, Dave said. “Just go to the passenger list on the app, find their name, and press the mapping pin beside it. That should give their location.” Mike said, “I see… got it! Thanks Dave, we know where they are now. We are on our way to help them.”

This is just one example how the Group Travel Video app can help you while on tour. There are lots of details to remember and information to communicate. Safety, communication, and managing your trip are important ingredients to a memorable experience for everyone. And yes, memories… it is the lasting essence of the trip.

There are multiple solutions available to help with all these things for you. The Group Travel Videos app is the one app that provides them all.

The app is used by thousands of groups every year. It provides an added safety benefit with a locating feature, like Mike used, to help find a traveler or to help them find the others in their group. There are other useful features, too.

Documents like the itinerary, rooming lists, safety protocols and other important information are available at the traveler’s fingertips with the app. This communication feature is enhanced by the built-in messaging feature so you can text everyone at once or individual travelers. These private group-only features turn on the day you leave and off the day you return home. You will appreciate the privacy, as email addresses, phone numbers nor special account setup is needed to use the app. The group has their own unique username and password to access it for their trip, the app is free to download. Most of your top tour operators offer the product as part of the tour package.

Photos are shared by everyone as they travel. Parents can also login to the app and to virtually follow along from home. This provides peace of mind for many who have never had their child be so far away without them. They enjoy the memories being shared as much as the students and gain an appreciation of the investment made to send them.

Soon after you return home, the company creates a video so students can share the experience with their family and financial sponsors. The video and any photo can be downloaded to have as a memorable keepsake. As the teacher, you will receive a USB flash drive with everything on it. This can be used to show during next year’s parent meetings to recruit travelers for the next trip.

Safety, communication, managing, and memories…all important elements for a successful student trip. And all available in one place, the Group Travel Videos app.

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Written by Dave Martinson, PhotoVision Inc.