The Leaf is Canada’s Newest World-Class Attraction

Mar 7, 2023

The Leaf in Winnipeg features two huge biomes, a butterfly garden and curriculum-based school programs for all ages.

Considering it’s Canada’s newest world-class attraction, The Leaf is an easy sell.

But until you actually experience it–breathe it in, feel the mist from the waterfall and the warmth of the morning sun on your face—you cannot get a full appreciation of just how tranquil and studious it is.

Here are some select insider tips to ensure your experience is blooming.

The Lowdown

The Leaf is a $130-million horticultural attraction located in picturesque Assiniboine Park. It celebrates the interconnectivity of humanity and plants and is composed of four distinct areas inside its all-glass, conical 90,000 sq. ft. design. 

The Hartley and Heather Richardson Tropical Biome is balmy and brimming with all manner of exotic greenery, with both the sounds and mist from Canada’s tallest indoor waterfall (it cascades down six storeys from the top of the biome), adding extra enchantment to this jungle-like setting. The waterfall starts just above the ramp that leads to the Shirley Richardson Butterfly Garden, another enclosed tropical paradise where the verdant plants are seemingly dripping with all sorts of butterflies, including many huge colourful species, whose eye-catching wings flutter in the air.

Back on the ground floor, the Mediterranean Biome is drier, fragrant with the smell of garden herbs and pines, and features a large seating area to chill. Behind it is The Babs Asper Display House, where thematic horticultural displays will change seasonally. There’s also a fantastic onsite restaurant, Gather Craft Kitchen and Bar, that will offer boxed lunch options for school groups.

The whole facility is surrounded by The Gardens at The Leaf, where you can experience six distinct garden areas spring through fall, including a Kitchen Garden that supplies Gather when in season.

Educational Programming

The Leaf is a botanical conservatory that will play a critical role in shaping how people perceive, interact with and understand nature. All education programs touch on a variety of subject areas and are curriculum-linked with a focus on the intricate relationships between humans with plants. The engaging programs offer hands-on activities that will immerse students in an experience that would normally require a trip to a tropical or Mediterranean climate. Education for sustainable development will be woven throughout all programs, as students will explore the past, present, and future reliance that cultures from around the world have with plants.

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Written by Mike Green of Tourism Winnipeg.

Photo Courtesy of Tourism Winnipeg.