Perform and Explore in Lively New Orleans

Nov 14, 2023

New Orleans is positively brimming with life, culture and history, making it the perfect destination for student groups.

A unique blend of Spanish, French, African and Caribbean heritage that has come together over more than 300 years, the city is well-known for jazz music, Cajun and Creole cuisine, and year-round celebrations.

With this vibrant way of life, there’s plenty of fun to be had in The Big Easy, but it’s also a great place to learn thanks to so much history—not to mention the performance opportunities afforded by the strong culture of music.


Mardi Gras World

You don’t have to visit during Carnival season to experience the joy of this special holiday in New Orleans. Mardi Gras World is the largest float designing and building facility in the world, where more than 80 percent of the city’s iconic floats are created. Visitors can don Mardi Gras costumes, learn all about the local traditions and intricacies of building “mega-floats,” and enjoy a piece of king cake and piping hot local coffee.

The National WWII Museum

A must-see for history lovers, this New Orleans attraction has been designated by the U.S. Congress as America’s official WWII Museum. Powerful images and extraordinary artifacts bring to life the American Spirit, the courage, teamwork and sacrifice of the young men and women who won the war and changed the world. Students will enjoy vintage aircraft, tanks, submarines, boats and more, along with exhibits bringing visitors inside the story of how the war was won.

The Historic New Orleans Collection

This free museum, research center and publisher has public galleries in the heart of the French Quarter, the oldest part of the city. Check out the interactive smart table with maps referencing historical, architectural, legal and sociological data from the neighborhood—here you can plan a self-guided walking tour around the area, exploring literature, music, the history of free people of color in the Quarter, landmarks of the slave trade, and more. Then head upstairs to explore the French Quarter Galleries, home to more images, objects and interactive displays.

Haunted History/Cemetery Tours

New Orleans is a city surrounded by water and built below sea level, so the departed are often entombed above ground. Here, graves are family affairs, with remains settling over time to make room for the next generation to move into what we call the Cities of the Dead. Ornate and historic, funky and other worldly, New Orleans cemeteries are well worth a tour, and multiple local companies offer these experiences, whether you’d rather travel by walking, biking, or bus.

Louisiana State Museum

The Louisiana State Museum system is actually a collection of 10 museums across the state, each with its own place in the state’s rich history. The historic French Quarter properties include the Cabildo, the site of the Louisiana Purchase transfer; Presbytere, telling the story of the city’s triumphs and disasters; Madame John’s Legacy, one of the finest examples of French colonial architecture around; 1850 House, offering a glimpse of mid-19th century prosperity and daily life; and New Orleans Jazz Museum at the Old U.S. Mint.


Thanks to the culture here, New Orleans is the perfect place for student groups to perform, experience and learn.

Washington Artillery Park and Armstrong Park are excellent choices for performing, along with the Ashe Cultural Arts Center, The Historic Carver Theater, New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park, New Orleans Musical Legends Park, St. Louis Cathedral and more!

For more information on exploring and performing in New Orleans, contact Rachel Funel at [email protected] or visit